Essay about Relational Database Industry For Many Years

Essay about Relational Database Industry For Many Years

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Since the SQL language appeared in mid 1970s, it has been leading the relational database industry for many years. With the modern era of databases not everyone sees the advantages of using relational databases. NoSQL, was first developed in the twenty first century (MongoDB, para 19) to address the issues that the SQL language could not handle. NoSQL cannot handle pure relational database models, it can use any of five different kinds of models, including relational to solve problems. With the variety of models, designers are wondering if there is a future for the strictly relational language SQL, and it’s other disadvantages compared to that of NoSQL.


NoSQL is seeing a large surge in popularity in recent years. Compared to the purely relational language SQL, NoSQL has known to have many distinguishing features that make it a more appropriate database language for large scale companies. The NoSQL language has only been developed in recent years, with solutions to modern day database problems. Some advantages are that it is open source, its ability to hold large amounts of data and data can be easily manipulated through object-orientation. (MongoDB, para 19)

Although the coined name is “NoSQL”, for Non-SQL, although NoSQL can infact handle relational databases such as SQL. Not only does NoSQL handle relational databases, it can handle many different model types, such as key-value, document, column family.

A huge feature which has attracted many creators to use the language is the scalability of the language. The dynamic schema of the language, allows for new instances to be added horizontally, compared to that of SQL, which adds new instances vertically. Horizontal additions allow a creator to simply manipulate ...

... middle of paper ...

...B, compared to that of Oracle with 4KB. (Boicea, Radulescu, Agapin, 2012)

Although both these management systems to not clearly represent every language, a person cannot clearly identify which database model is going to last. There are clear advantages and disadvantages to both models. In the end it all comes down to the preference and requirements of the designer who is going to be using or implementing the system.

Databases are an ever growing industry, companies are going to continue making new management systems using different database models. There are plenty of new database models coming into place everyday and could eventually replace both SQL and NoSQL languages. Until then, there is no clear reason to get rid of one language. Both languages were created for different uses, even though NoSQL is relatively new compared to SQL. (NoSQL databases explained.)

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