Relational Communication Success : A Difficult Dynamic Essay

Relational Communication Success : A Difficult Dynamic Essay

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Relational Communication Success Comes in-Between; How People Succeed in Relationships
Communicating with others comes in many forms, is complex, and is a difficult dynamic. For example, romantic couples communicate their feelings about one another while together and separate, utilize Facebook to construct and manage their identities, and deal with self-concept insecurities. While there are insecurities and heartaches associated with all forms of relational communication, there also are triumphs and victories. Ultimately, to ensure that any form of relationship will succeed, each party must use teamwork and moral accountability while in the front and back region, consider using Facebook to construct and manage their identities, and be secure in their self-concepts.
Goffman’s Performative Self: “Front and Back” Region
Goffman’s front and back regions both belong to the performative self yet both are distinct in their meanings. The performative self refers to the concept that humans do not just have an identity; they do one (Stewart, 2012). They live out their personality and perform it in front of others.
Front Region & Back Region
The front and back regions have distinct meanings. First off, the front region/stage describes where the performance takes place (Chong, 2010). For example, a professional football team is in their front stage when they are competing against another team while thousands are watching. In the same way, this can apply to romantic relationships. A married couple is in the front stage when they are with one another at a dinner. Conversely, a married couple is in the back region/stage when they are not with one another. A husband can criticize and degrade his wife when he is not with her. This backstage ...

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...omplex aspects of relational community are the myriad of feelings people experience while communicating. In all forms of relational communication, harsh moments such as conflict, arguments, and self-concept insecurities will arise, but so will victories and triumphs such as asking the girl to the dance or a boyfriend proposing to his girlfriend. However, to ensure that any form of relationship will succeed, each party must use teamwork and moral accountability while in the front and back region, consider using Facebook or other social media to construct and manage their identities, and be secure in their self-concepts. If a romantic couple or any group of people follow these concepts, each party will succeed as they have better methods to handle conflict, perceive each other in an encouraging light, and understand how to grow and maintain a fulfilling relationship.

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