Relation of Explanatory Style as Measured by Attributional Complexity to Poverty

Relation of Explanatory Style as Measured by Attributional Complexity to Poverty

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This study seeks to find out if a person’s explanatory style, as measured by the attributional complexity and proximal/distal explanatory style scales, will be related to their explanations for poverty. A person having low attributional complexity attributes situations/causations internally (proximal), whilst a person having high attributional complexity attributes externally (distal). Through this correlation, we would like to determine how this relationship will explain poverty.

In order to have a control over our environment, humans firstly needs to understand

and have awareness over their environments. Hence, Martinez, Martinko & Ferris (2012)

proposed theory shows that humans are instinctively motivated to attribute causes to the

events they perceive. Proximal (internal) attribution and distal (external) attribution are part

of our cognitive structure. And it is mentioned in Martinez et al., (2012) that people whom

have more developed cognitive regions, will have a clearer attribution of situations. They

know how to differentiate between self (internal) and non self (external), which also means

that people whom do not have as developed cognitive structures, is less able to make a clearer

attribution as compared to the latter.

A study by Steward et al., (2011) indicated that the attributional complexity of a

person (proximal and distal), has the capacity to surpass well established predictors, and even

achieve significant results. College students, whom have poor performance, were being

helped by undergoing a training, which aims to restructure their attributions of poor

performance. Stewart, et al., (2011) stated that the dimensional propertie...

... middle of paper ...

...4 August 2008).
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