The Relation Between Brain And Mind Essay

The Relation Between Brain And Mind Essay

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The relation between brain and mind is disputed over a long time. The debate is whether mind and brain are separate entities or not and if the mind is a separate entity, then how are mental properties, functions and consciousness in relation with the brain, being things which are non-physical. Consciousness helps to understand the relation between the brain and mind, by contemplating the reason or the source of it, if it’s a manifestation of the mind or just a by-product of brain activity. The existence of mind and mental states can be explained through a more philosophical perspective rather than a scientific one. The core of science is philosophy based on empirical evidence, mind being metaphysical cannot be studied empirically. Dualisms, Monism, reductive and non-reductive physicalism are presumptions and concepts which address the brain mind problem from different point of views to reason for the metaphysical relation between the mental and physical. Dualism is the presumption that mind and body are separate identities that interact with each other while Monism is the presumption that the mind and body are the same and only the brain exists, Monism is a materialistic view which rejects mind as a mental entity. Reductive physicalism simplifies the mental states of the mind to the physical and chemical reactions of the brain and other scientific processes while non-reductive physicalism is the opposite but it agrees to reductive physicalism to a certain point and says there are metaphysical reasons behind the physical explanations that cause mental phenomenon. Near Death Experiences provides a proof of the existence of mind.
The concepts of non-reductive physicalism and physicalism seem to go against each other. Non- re...

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...will and the mind leaving the human as physical object and nothing more.
Reductive materialism and monism adopt a physical approach, mind is said to be the brain and said that all mental states can be explained though cognition and the interaction of neuronal networks. Materialists reject mental states and say there are only brain states. However figures alike Churchland who share the same beliefs fail to reason for the experience of consciousness, the existence of soul and contradict with many philosophical beliefs which share a dualist explanation to an extent in which the soul and other non-physical properties are explained. Understanding mind through the explanation of physics has come of no use as mind like love is not physical, it cannot be measured but as everyone can experience it, its existence cannot be denied and same goes for the mind.

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