Essay about The Rejection Of Proof And Reality

Essay about The Rejection Of Proof And Reality

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A common adage applied and used by historians is that they ‘must find the truth’, and that there is one truth, one chronological series of events that they must endeavour to find and thus make sense of. Even the narrative style of history determines itself by drawing from the truth, drawing from tried and tested research methods, and from ‘reliable’ sources of information. But the historians style of narrative that draws on truth, was “developed in the cauldron of fiction… [and] becomes at once the sign of proof and reality”. The rejection of ‘truth’ and ‘reality’ accounts for the notion that the history is a form of constructed narrative, and not an account of historical truth. With that in mind, when questioning truth with specific relation to fact and fiction, it is possible so see it blurs the line of such; it also allows to not only question what truth can be defined as, but also the relevance it has to historical narratives. A useful method of addressing issues of truth is too first look at an essay by Isaiah Berlin titled The Hedgehog and the Fox. In this essay, Berlin describes the Hedgehog as viewing the world through the lens of one idea, while the Fox draws on a wide variety of experiences; and to which their world cannot be viewed through one singular lens. Berlin argues that Tolstoy was both a fox and a hedgehog, in other words, Tolstoy longed to put all reality into one great system, but his faithfulness to his own remarkable sense of perception led him to see everywhere the fine distinctions and individual differences which constitute his own richly varied world. It is important also to note that Tolstoy was a fox in his writing, he understood that the question over truth was problematic and important; to which he c...

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... historical narrative would seem more outright wrong (in the conservative view of history). Films by Michael Winterbottom such as Welcome to Sarajevo challenge and create discussion on whether Films, as a medium, can be considered of importance in the field of history; and challenge genre definitions of historical movies as whole. It is important that such discussions take place, considering War and Peace as a historical narrative allows for such discussions to continue, Tolstoy 's genius and ideas on historiography show his tact for creative and open thinking that was not constricted by what novels, at the time, were meant to be defined as. Even as contemporary ideas are applied on his famous novel, it still holds up to scrutiny and creates an interesting debate that resounds with poststructuralist and postmodern debates of literary fiction and historical narrative.

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