Reinforcement of the Caste System in The Bhagavad Gita Essay

Reinforcement of the Caste System in The Bhagavad Gita Essay

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In The Bhagavad Gita there are many references to the caste system, or Varnas. It explains the way men and women of ancient India should act and behave according to Hinduism. Throughout the book there are many examples of the things Hindus are expected to do. These pieces of advice range from anything to the jobs certain people have to the way they are allowed to dress.
The Varna is one of the earliest known mentions of a caste system, where the human body is used to depict the structure of Indian society. This caste system not only stresses social hierarchy but also interdependence within each separate caste. The four castes in this system are the Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and the Sudra. The Brahman, or priestly caste, is represented by the head; the Kshatriya, the warrior caste, are the arms; the Vaishya, the traders and landowners, are the legs; and the Sudra caste, the servants of the other castes, are the feet. Along with these different castes come different responsibilities. The Brahmin is giving the highest class, but also has to live by very strict laws and orders. The Brahmin are not allowed to gather their own food, or use violence as a means of self-defense. This is only one example of how the Varnas are interdependent, without the other castes the Brahmins could not survive. Aside from the Brahman the Kshatriya also live by different standards. This caste includes warriors and kings that are expected to be brave and level headed. This caste is expected to defend the society and keep everyone safe. While the Vaishya are known to raise cattle, do trading, and are involved in agriculture. Finally, there is the Sudra caste. They were only given the task of serving the other castes by cleaning, leather working, removal...

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...e’s duty. So long as each member is productive and always does one’s duty the society can remain in tack and without chaos. In turn, showing citizens that members of the society do have control in how well the society functions and how stable it is. With this we see how The Bhagavad Gita places importance on social structure and giving specific tasks to each caste.
In conclusion one could gather that the caste system had a large impact on the lives of citizens in ancient India. It was the Indians way of life which they lived by. In doing one’s own duties the members of the caste not only helped to keep the society thriving through interdependence between the castes, but also could reach eternal peace at one’s time of death. It were these laws and codes that helped drive the Hindus through life on a path to reach the eternal soul and knowing one’s place in society.

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