Essay about The Reign Of The Roman Empire

Essay about The Reign Of The Roman Empire

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When most people think about the Roman Empire, they think of their golden age during the second century. The five good emperors reigning from 96-180 helped establish one of the most innovative trade routes, the Silk Road, expanded the empire, and established one of the most successful empires in history. Although they are credited with most of the success, one man “the revered one” seems to be forgotten. Octavian, the emperor of Rome almost one hundred years earlier had set up one of the most effective political systems in ancient times. He single handedly reinstated the republic while expanding Rome’s empire all over Europe. Without Octavian’s rise to power and establishment of a stable government and army, we may never have seen the five good emperor’s success.
After Caesar’s death, Octavian and Antony divided up the Roman kingdom into two parts, West and East. Even though the kingdom was quite large, Octavian and Antony each wanted the whole thing for themselves. Antony recruited a portion of Egypt to help him fend off Octavian’s army but in the end was unsuccessful. After Octavian had defeated Antony, he had restored peace and became the emperor of Rome.
In 27 B.C., Octavian had decided to restore the old ways of government. His new political system was known as the new republic. His goal was to appeal to the senate by giving them a piece of the power since he was not convinced in the possibility of restoring the political system to the old ways of the republic. Octavian’s new form of the republic had appealed to so many of the citizens and the senate that he was given the title of Augustus. Augustus, “the revered one”, was a title usually reserved for the gods, but because of his success and popularity he was given this ti...

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...itary strategies when it came to defending their empire from the north. If they were to keep their offensive strategies up, the empire could have expanded to fast for its own good and crumbled from within. The army Octavian built was also so large and powerful during his reign that it was able to stay stable into the next century. Finally, the five good emperors adopted Octavian’s republican views and were able to continue the success and advances that he had established while in charge. When everything is said and done I do believe that the five good emperors were crucial to the success of the Roman Empire during the second century, but without the stable foundation established by Octavian in the beginning of the first, I do not believe that it would have been able to withstand the constant pressure from the outside world or from within the Empire’s own boundaries.

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