Rehabtronics Inc.: Technology Analysis Essay

Rehabtronics Inc.: Technology Analysis Essay

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Company Overview
Located in Edmonton, Rehabtronics Inc. (Rehabtronics) is a University of Alberta (U of A) spin off company founded by Dr. Arthur Prochazka in 2005. Currently with 12 employees, their main focus is on developing technologies for increasing patient movability in the upper extremity [1]. Typical causes of impairment in the upper extremity are neurological injuries and diseases ranging from spinal cord injuries and strokes to blunt-force, localized traumas. Rehabilitating patients with impaired upper extremities requires repeated movements in an attempt to “retrain the brain.” Rehabilitation typically involves stacking wooden blocks or moving weighted balls in their hands focused on repetitive functional tasks, but often becomes monotonous resulting in lower adherence to a rehabilitation program, and requires a patient and a therapist to be colocalized [2].
Beyond the initial cost, neurological diseases often have high costs in rehabilitation. There are an estimated 50,000 strokes a year in Canada with about 315,000 people currently living with the debilitating effects of stroke [3]. The costs of the first 90 days of care post-stroke is $15,000 [4]. Traumatic spinal cord injuries are said to affect 250,000 North Americans annually [5]. Non-severe spinal cord injuries that only limit mobility are estimated to cost $340,000 in the first year and $40,000 each subsequent year estimating a lifetime cost of $1.5 billion for an injury at 25 years of age in direct costs [6] ,. In addition to the direct costs listed above there ariendirect costs that cannot be represented by hospital bills such as loss of wages, loss of benefits, and opportunity costs. We focused on stroke and spinal cord injuries as these are common ...

... middle of paper ...]
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