Rehabilitation Will Reduce Crime Essay

Rehabilitation Will Reduce Crime Essay

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All over America, crime is on the rise. Every day, every minute, and even every second someone will commit a crime. Now, I invite you to consider that a crime is taking place as you read this paper. "The fraction of the population in the State and Federal prison has increased in every single year for the last 34 years and the rate for imprisonment today is now five times higher than in 1972"(Russell, 2009). Considering that rate along crime is a serious act. These crimes range from robbery, rape, kidnapping, identity theft, abuse, trafficking, assault, and murder. Crime is a major social problem in the United States. While the correctional system was designed to protect society from offenders it also serves two specific functions. First it can serve as a tool for punishing the offender. This involves making the offender pay for his/her crime while serving time in a correctional facility. On the other hand it can serve as a place to rehabilitate the offender as preparation to be successful as they renter society. The U.S correctional system is a quite controversial subject that leads to questions such as how does our correctional system punish offenders? How does our correctional system rehabilitate offenders? Which method is more effective in reducing crime punishment or rehabilitation? Our correctional system has several ways to punish and rehabilitate offenders.
The correctional system punishes offenders by sentencing them to serve time in jail or prison. Others forms of punishment include being sentenced to probation, community service, and/or restitution. Jail is a locally operated short-term confinement facilities originally built to hold suspects following arrest and pending trial (Schmalleger, 2009). A prison is state or ...

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...enders get on the right path and reduces the possibility of being a repeat offender. Elizabeth has proved that rehabilitation is effective if programs are available. Studies have shown the decline in recidivism with rehabilitation. Offenders are less likely to renter jail when they have somewhere to live, job, and a positive relationships. I agree with Chief Justice Warren E. Burger, “To put people behind walls and bars and do little or nothing to change them is to win a war but lose a battle. It is wrong. It is expensive. It is stupid” (Schmalleger, 2009). I believe rehabilitation can serve as a new beginning to what the offenders and even society considered an ending.

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