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Rehabilitation in the Community Essay

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“Rehabilitation in the Community”
Throughout the country there are approximately 2 million inmates in state, federal and private prisons. California has the highest incarceration. So what will we do to reduce this rate? This is where society looks into rehabilitation for these inmates, hoping to free some space within the prison systems. The advantage and disadvantage of rehabilitation in the community compare to incarceration.
California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation launch a public safety reforms to encourage inmates to complete rehabilitation programs. These programs are provided for the inmates to help high risk parolees to be able to come back to the communities. There are many programs that are given in and out of the incarceration. With these programs California’s prison population should gradually reduce about 6, 500 inmates over the next year (Public and Employee Communications, 2013 ). The advantage of rehabilitation is not just for the inmates but for the community as well. With the new parole system it created a new line of field supervision for field agents. It will reduce agent caseloads which gives agents a better opportunity to supervise parolees and interact more frequently with local law enforcement. Also, be able to assist the parolee’s by interacting more with rehabilitative service providers and other community partners (Public and Employee Communications, 2013). Rehabilitations of the parolees’ will consist of GPS supervision, increases monitoring system for sex offenders, and open jobs position for training officer and parole agents (Public and Employee Communications,2013). This is one of the advantages of rehabilitation in the community.
Rehabilitation in the community allows inmates to ...

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...litation in the community. The disadvantage of this would be that not all the programs are available to certain inmates. Also, the disadvantage for the rehabilitations in the community is that the offender cannot be located. They are at risk of re-offending.

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