The Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act Essay

The Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act Essay

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H.R. 1013 The regulate marijuana like alcohol act
According to New York Daily News reported the parents of a 16-year-old girl (Genny Barbour of Maple Shade N.J.) who was prescribed medical marijuana for her seizures has filed a lawsuit for her to allow to take her medication in school. Genny was finally seizure free after a doctor prescribed her cannabis oil, which she took multiple times a day. However, the school district determined she could not take the medication on school grounds because that would violate federal laws for drug-free school zones. The state Department of Education rejected the family 's appeal and ruled in the district 's favor. The family argues marijuana is not as dangerous or addictive as other substances in the group, like LSD or peyote, they have no medical benefit and high risk of addiction, marijuana has obviously been proven scientifically to be outside the scope of those drugs. Genny needs to take the oil on a schedule, which means she must take it with her lunch at noon. Although the school offered to allow the mother to take her daughter off school property to give her the oil, but the parents said it would be too disruptive to her day (Landau, 2015).
The efforts to legalize some reasons to possess and use marijuana, in part, also appear be due to scientific evidence regarding the efficacy of marijuana as a treatment modality or certain conditions. A number of physicians and other healthcare providers believe the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes presents an opportunity to offer an additional therapeutic modality that may offer relief to patients who suffer from chronic pain, seizures, and certain other debilitating medical conditions. At the same time, some of these same phys...

... middle of paper ... in the U.S. Supreme Court” (Mitchell & Ingold, 2015, para. 20).
In conclusion, federally legalizing marijuana can only help America. There are many benefits to being able to legally obtain marijuana, the most important of which, having the ability to obtain safe marijuana. Medical marijuana can be the right drug for the right person with in-retractable nausea, vomiting, and pain, wasting disorders, seizures, and other conditions that are refractory to prescription medications and both the provider and the patient can be protected from arrest and persecution under the law. Legalization helps crime rates decrease; devotes resources to more important issues and decreases organized crime. In most areas of the United States people consume marijuana whether it is legal or not, so I see no issue with implementing safe, federal regulation across the country.

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