Registered Nurse: An Indispensable Profession Essay

Registered Nurse: An Indispensable Profession Essay

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Ever since I was young, the most eye-catching career that caught my attention was nursing. I had always been interested in their ability to take care of patients in the hospitals and help those in need. Although I do not have any family influence during my youth, I was determined that this career was going to be my goal for a good profession as an adult. I wanted to provide support, care, and comfort to people who are not availed with advanced medical technologies, such as those in my home town, Ormoc City, PHL, who are suffering from extreme poverty. Not only does being a nurse guarantee the best of others, it also promises a secure life for me and my own family in the future. The perks and benefits of nursing are, first and foremost, what was very appealing to me.
Nursing is the fastest growing occupation in the U.S. ranging from more than 2.5 million employees since 2008 with a proposed estimation of about 22% more ten years later. The process of becoming a registered nurse in Alaska involves pursuing an associates, bachelors, or master’s degree in nursing science. For a bachelor’s degree, one of the most prestigious colleges in Alaska, the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA), require students to either acquire The Basic Student Option or The Registered Nurse Option available for their program. Earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing science takes about 4-5 years depending on how the student progress academically. Students must also qualify for admission in order to be admitted to the nursing pre-majors and must take in consideration that there are limited seats applicable. It is necessary for students to earn a satisfactory grade of at least a C or higher (or Pass in some classes) to progress within the bacc...

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...rensic, midwifery, legal nursing, and many more. Nursing opens up a wide range of opportunities for students to showcase.

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