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If I were to receive $150,000 for the purchase of a distressed property, I would use the funds to make the house a livable and efficient space, create a cooperative and interdisciplinary bond between various colleges at my University (The University of Iowa), educate my community and fellow students about the advantages of renewable energy, and provide renewable food resources for myself and my roommates.
The selection criteria for the distressed property would fairly simple. The property would need to have a decent sized lot (at least 80’ x 160’). The property would need to be in a north to south alignment, with the longer borders running north to south. The house would need to be on the northern half of the property. The property would need to cost no more than $80,000 (potentially more if the house were in move-in condition). The house would preferably be on the city bus line, as most U of I students walk. Finally, the south half of the property would need an unimpeded view of the horizon.
Once the property was selected and purchased, the first step would be to refurbish and restore it to livable condition. All appliances would be updated to the most energy efficient and cost effective units available. After explaining the full purpose of my project, I would request the assistance of professors of the college of engineering (Electrical and Mechanical) in identifying students who could aid in appliance determination. I would also request professor approval for my project as a student lab, which would gain the students valuable credits toward graduation. Once appliances were chosen, I would also create fliers that explain my goals for the house, and distribute them to local carpenters, student organizations, and building mate...

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...ll as cheap, green geothermal energy should be enough return on investment for anyone, my true reward would be in forming relationships, and growing cross-discipline and cross-generational understanding. I believe when we’re in college, we spend so much time focused on our primary goals that we often forget to look outside. I believe this project will have not only students and faculty, but the entire community looking outside. This is a project I would be incredibly proud of, and I hope to see it accomplished in my lifetime.

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