Refugees: Reasons Why Women Flee War Essay example

Refugees: Reasons Why Women Flee War Essay example

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Many women from all over the world seek refuge to escape famine, violence, war or poverty. A refugee is a person who has fled from his or her home country in addition to cannot return for the reason that he or she has a justifiable fear of persecution based on race, religion, political opinion or membership in a particular social group. Interestingly most individuals granted refugee statuses are women and children. Since 1975, the United States has welcomed more than 3 million refugees from all over the world. In 1994 there were approximately 18.9 million refugees in the world, and 75 to 80 percent of them are women and children and make up 12 percent of all women in the country (Schultz 1994). Unfortunately, refugee women lack access to markets, travel, and the right of property ownership (Schultz 1994). Focusing on women from Central America and the Middle East seeking refugee statues during the 1980 to present day; our investigations have found that refugees have to start new lives, build homes and communities in a foreign country. In addition to only a diminutive number of refugees will be permitted to become citizens in the nation that they have fled to. Women refugees face a great deal of tribulations such as fleeing their country of origin, due to war, social inequality, and violence. Furthermore, once they arrive in their “new home” they are met with isolation that leads to extreme loneliness and underemployment.
Reason Why Women Flee WAR
Working age immigrants and migrant families are terms that are used to refer to a certain group of individuals. In reality those terms are mainly referring to women refugees. According to an article called Immigrant Women in the United States, “18.9 million i...

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