The Reformation Of The Lutheran Reformation Essay

The Reformation Of The Lutheran Reformation Essay

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The Lutheran reformation came out because Martin Luther was not happy with the state of the church in his time. The thought of buying indulgences is what ultimately led him to write his 95 Thesis against the church, which is what historians use to date the overall Protestant Reformation. The process of buying indulgences was to pay a little bit of money in exchange for time off in purgatory, not only for the living, but also for those that had already died and were suffering in purgatory. Ultimately, the Lutheran Reformation was an important conflict in Church history. Because of the lasting division in the Church, it created Luther’s importance for German identity, and the understanding of confession.
Martin Luther was the founding father of the Lutheran Reformation, hence the name attached to it. He began his religious life in 1505, started confessing his sins and this immediately grew into an obsession of confessing his sins. Luther felt this would allow him to serve as little time as possible in purgatory. Luther’s belief was God would look down on him with favor due to the little amount of sin that he contained within himself. This is what led Luther to further his study to become a professor of sacred scripture in the year 1513. Luther’s attack on the Church of the time came in his book The 95 Theses, greatly attacking the problem of indulgences. While Luther attacked the usage of indulgences, a man named Tetzel came into the town where Luther was a priest selling indulgences. Unfortunately, the selling of indulgences led to less and less people attending confession. This was due to the piece of paper that Tetzel sold them to signify their time off in purgatory. During his Leipzig debate, he came to the conclusion that not o...

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...sion led to the Catholic Church reevaluating how confession should be done. The discussion evolved around whether the priest should ask the confessor questions or to simply let them confess the sins they do remember thereby having the forgotten sins sitting on their souls and ultimately extending their time in purgatory. While Luther never officially acknowledged confession as a sacrament, he did acknowledge the necessity of it. The necessity of confession ultimately led the Catholic priests to reevaluate and reexamine the parameters as defined by the Church. This reevaluation and reexamination has given the world the confession that exists today. Priests can now question the confessor to ensure that every single sin can be remembered and confessed, so that no forgotten sins are weighing on the confessor’s soul as well as the priest’s soul receiving the confession.

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