Essay on Reform to The Trinity River

Essay on Reform to The Trinity River

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Since the beginning of time, water has played a key role in societies all over the world. The earliest recorded civilizations have all been found along large river valleys, such as, the Indus River in India and the Yellow River in China. Water is an essential part of life; it does not just sustain the life of all human beings around the globe, but also sustains the life of every living thing known to this Earth. All of the major cities that we know today are surrounded by large river systems that supply its people with the means to survive in that region. These rivers also link our different communities together and allow us to prosper, but these rivers are being taken advantage of. Our once great rivers are falling victim to pollution and neglect from its citizens. To counter this problem, renewal projects for our rivers are happening all over the world and will not just improve the benefit of life for its consumers, but will bring people back to the root of all societies that is the river. The Trinity River, a river that connects three major cities within Texas, is undergoing such a restoration project that will improve the quality of life for all citizens along its path.
The Trinity River was originally seen as way for ships to bring supplies in from the Gulf of Mexico, transforming the city of Dallas into a great inland sea port that would rival the other cities of the world. The only problem with this dream of putting Dallas on the map was that the Trinity River was unpredictable. The River in some areas was too shallow to for any ship to make its way along and other times of the year the river experienced flooding. Until the year 1908, floods had been an accepted part of living in Dallas, but it wasn’t until this year that...

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... stands for.
The Trinity River Corridor Project will not just be a way for Dallas to stand out amongst all the other major cities of the world, but will bring the people of Dallas back to the river that has been overlooked for so many years. This project will be a way to get the citizens of Dallas more interested and involved with their river. The Trinity River today, is just a murky body of water surrounded by pollution on all sides of its banks, but will soon become an attraction that the city of Dallas and its residents can be proud of. With the bridges connecting both sides of the city and easing traffic within downtown and the many attractions along the river giving the people of Dallas activities for themselves and their families, the Trinity River will be completely reformed from a flood protection solution into a modern work of art for the city of Dallas.

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