Essay on Reflective Report of How the Idea for This Book Cover Came About

Essay on Reflective Report of How the Idea for This Book Cover Came About

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This is a reflective report of how the idea for this book cover emerged. It became a thing of real interest after going through some eBooks, to be able to design a book cover that pictured information to the reader. With information from online resources including eBooks and articles, the ambition on the theme of the book cover design was equipped.
The theme for the book cover is titled “Jerome’s Journal”; this instantly became a book cover idea when I got this coursework because Jerome had a journal which he treated like he was writing a book but he never really thought about a cover for it. The book contains detailed information on all that is happening in Jerome’s life so I thought about what a potential book cover would look like. To pursue this idea, I took a picture of Jerome and another image of a page from the original hand-written book.
With a basic idea of what it takes to design a book cover and the media components required, I checked the internet on how other book covers were being designed, and also how the components were integrated in the art. With a concept in mind, a first design pattern was created. This was assessed by friends and the laboratory assistant, who advised on the addition of some components as well as the removal and/or changing of others. With that much help a final design which properly depicted the book cover that I had imagined was achieved.
Prior to design, the necessary software and hardware to aid the book cover design were accumulated. Adobe Photoshop CS5 was used to design the book cover. Adobe Photoshop because it was advised by the module supervisor and also because, according to an online resource (

... middle of paper ... of just opacity, the result would have been a more professional look. But opacity was used because there wasn’t enough time to learn how to use a ‘grunge’ texture. But as a result of my involvement in this coursework, I have learnt about the prerequisites for designing and the use of a design concept to capture the attention of a viewer while gaining the skills required to ensure completion along with critically assessing the theme of a book cover and comparing it to the design outcome. In addition, although I have improved my ability to use Photoshop, there is still a great deal left to be explored and discovered. This I intend to do, so as to be able to produce a better design when called upon next time. Overall, with room for improvement, I have been able to achieve my intended goal.

Multimedia: “Making it Work”, by Tay Vaughan Seventh Edition

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