Essay about Reflective Journal : My Favorite Exercise

Essay about Reflective Journal : My Favorite Exercise

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Chanheng He
HRER 433
Iva Vurdelja
December. 15th, 2016
Reflective Journal
We do group works all the time either in a class project or work assignment. One thing I like about this class is its ability to apply the theory we learn in class into real-life work and to reflect on things we usually won’t think twice about. I have three expectations for this class: 1. How to utilize the advantages of the team member and use it toward the best interest of the team.? 2. How to be a team leader? 3. Does different teams requires different efforts and characteristics or is there one universal formula that works wonder on all kinds of team? My goal is that I can feel more comfortable and more confident in the future when I participate in group processes.
One of my favorite exercise in this class by far is the Downsizing: A consensus-seeking activity. We all have to fight for the department we belong to while making sure it is in the best interest of this hypothetical company. From my observation, different group member started to show their personalities in this exercise. Lauren shows leadership, she was calmly guiding us along the process. And because of her current job as a HR professional, she is able to think more practically and give the team insight what it is like and their priorities when a company is downsizing from a HR perspective. Elizabeth is the more sit back and observing type. But she will jump in the conversation when others are discussing and express her own opinion. She thinks the bigger picture and when we have a disagreement, she would explain us her thought process and why she reached her decision. William is the opposite type of personality. He’s bold, straight forward and target-oriented. He is fighting for his depart...

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...t in this project. One thing that made our team effective was a clear unity of purpose. Each objective presented to us was broken down and discussed freely within the group until each team member had a clear idea of the objective and their own responsibilities in the project. Being an effective team we also delegated our part of work without any problems and we decide to work in a very transparent working environment which means sharing all information on time. So, others can check the progress of one’s work as well as giving feedback and suggestions. We also encouraged a very comfortable and informal working atmosphere on our team. There was no unnecessary stress on anyone, which help everyone feel interested and involved. We often held in person open discussion prior to the class and if a team member is missing, we would email him/her to fill him/her in afterwards.

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