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Each individual is categorized into a group from the day they were conceived. According to Kozier et al (2010) a group is “two are more people who have shared need and goals, who taken each other in account in their and who, thus, are held together and set apart from others by virtue of their interaction” (p. 400). The communicate that takes place between members of the group is group dynamic (Kozier et al, 2010). Motivation for participation and similarity of other group members and the goals of the group will affect the group dynamic (Kozier et al, 2010). The type of group that was created was a task group and Kozier et al (2010) stated that “the focus for such group is completion of a specific task, and the format is defined at the outset by the leader or members” (p.400). The purpose of the group was to choose a community health care organization, and then presents the information to the class. To increase the student understandings of what a community health organization is; to demonstrate understanding of community based health care nursing practice. To provided information on the different aspects of the community health organization and to identify various roles of nurses within the community health organization. In order for a group to be effective, three functions are required. It must maintain a degree of group unity, it needs to develop and modified its structure to improve its effectiveness and it must accomplish its goals (Kozier et al, 2010).
During the maturation of the group, lots of effective features were present; however communication and the purpose of the group stand out more. An effective communication is when the group members are open to each other ideas and feelings are encourage (Kozier et a...

... middle of paper ...

...more of our time on the making of the skit instead of spending all our time on the power point. So managing our time more wisely would have made the group skit more effective.
Even though we are all categorized in to groups from the day were conceived. We can still create our own group, and whether are not you create your own group or if it was chosen for you there will be effective and ineffective aspects of that group. Base the circumstances that each individual’s values and beliefs are different. Further more, participation and similarity of other group members and the goals of the group will also affect the group dynamic.

Kozier, B., Erb, G., Berman, A., Burke, K., Bouchal, D. and Hirst, S. (2010). Fundamentals of nursing: The Nature of Nursing Practice in Canada. (2nd Canadian ed.) Toronto: Prentice Hall.

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