Reflective Essay : Writing A Timed

Reflective Essay : Writing A Timed

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Reflective Academic Paper
Writing a timed essay can be nerve racking, time consuming, and accompanied by many trial and errors such as an art project. First step is quickly generating an idea which can be the biggest challenge of all. Then you have to decide on what evidence to incorporate and its correct placement. You begin to throw colors and shapes together, or in this case details and evidence, in hopes that it will transform into a pleasing design. Being challenged to create an artwork, whether it be an essay of painting, in sixty minutes becomes extra pressure. After a month into school, I was able to experience the dreadful event of generating an essay during the class period. Being faced with this challenge has not only helped me identify several techniques that I must improve on, but it has also allowed me to gain an awareness to areas of writing I do comprehend.
Let’s begin by recognizing the first area in need of improvement: my introduction. From an early age I have been taught that before tossing views on to a reader, every introduction needs: background information, an attention getter, and a thesis. However, under the timed pressure I failed to incorporate the background and an attention getter into my introduction. In the following example you will see how I tried to smash all the information into one sentence. “Once someone enters college or a work place, it is expected to work in collaboration with other fellow class//work mates.” I basically repeated my idea in order to make it longer when I should have broken it into two separate ideas. With that sentence I could have defined collaboration as a form of an attention getter. I could have extended my two sentenced introduction further by discussing a quick o...

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... not have to be as strenuous as people make it seem, instead it can be a helpful experience. At the end of the timed writing, it will provide specific examples of areas in the writer’s strengths and weaknesses. This opportunity, will challenge the brain to quickly generate an entire essay on the spot; displaying the type of creative the writer possesses. I realize that when I brainstorm, I need to focus on synthesizing an introduction that contains the basic attention getter and background information. By challenging my timeframe in writing essays, I was capable of recognizing that my application of evidence and use of relevant information is a positive aspect of my writing abilities. Similarly, to an artwork, a timed essay slowly builds up to an interesting piece of artwork when created a brainstormed idea that gets stronger after adding fine detail and evidence.

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