Reflective Assignment : Reflective And Assignment Essay

Reflective Assignment : Reflective And Assignment Essay

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Reflective Journaling Assignment
On our very first day of clinical, an evening shift on January 7, 3 student nurses with myself included witnessed a peripheral IV being started on a patient. The insertion was performed by an RN in the patient’s room, with the patient lying down supine on the bed. My classmates and I stood beside the patient’s bedside, giving us a nice view of the procedure. As the RN started inserting the IV catheter into the patient’s hand, the sight of the catheter going inside the skin made me wince. It looked difficult to insert into the vein in the hand as the vein kept rolling. The RN had to move up to the patient’s arm to insert again and at that point, I began to feel light-headed. I looked down at the floor, averting my gaze from the patient’s arm but I still felt light-headed. In the end, the RN did not succeed in starting the IV so another RN who had more experienced took over. I did not participate to witness a second IV start as I believe I would have fainted during that time.
In this situation, I believe that I was not aware of my own limitations as I...

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