Reflective Analyses of Ethical Principles and Applications Essay

Reflective Analyses of Ethical Principles and Applications Essay

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The intended learning outcome for the CONR 638: Ethics and Conflict Resolution Course offered at Abilene Christine University, (ACU) according to the course syllabus, was to prepare students “to reach a higher critical and reflective consciousness of the relationship of ethics to decision-making and problem solving in conflict resolution” (ACU, 2010). By learning to think on a higher plain, students are placed in a position to better adapt to different alternative dispute resolution (ADR) situations. Learning to think on a higher conscious level also affords the student the ability to apply different ethical theories to practice.
While demonstrating how these ethical theories could be applied to different scenarios, I was also able to learn how to and the importance of developing different ways of thinking in order to analyze and facilitate ADR sessions. Through the course, several assignments were instrumental in helping to accomplish this goal. Some of those assignments were: (1) Assignment 5: Comparing Ethics Practices, (2) Assignment 7: Ethical Egoism and Ethical Kenosis, (3) Assignments 9, 12, & 15: Case Analyses, (4) Assignment 14: Virtues of all Virtues, and (5) Assignment 16: Religious Perspectives of Teri Schiavo Case.
Each of these assignments influenced my personal growth and peacemaking skills in different aspects by challenging my level of thinking. For example, while completing Assignment 5: Comparing Ethics Practice, I immediately recognized similarities between my work and the work of philosophers before me. A couple of those similarities were purpose and foundation. Although the guidelines and standards were not created for the same reasons, the fact remains that the creation of these rules were...

... middle of paper ...

...ative in order to develop different ethical theories that may be used in the future. This course introduces the student to the works of philosophers who were creative, insightful, and instrumental in establishing schools of thought. Because no two mediation sessions will be the same, it would be encouraged to any peacemaker to gain as much knowledge and experience in applying different ethical theories as possible in order to become a highly effective peacemaker.

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