Essay about Reflections on Three Conversations

Essay about Reflections on Three Conversations

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In researching and writing this paper, I was required to view the aspects of my conversations through a sociological perspective. This is a summary of the many hours spent, not only learning, but experiencing the memories with my subjects.
My first conversation began with Noel, a 54-year old black man from Haiti. He grew up in the suburbs of the capital. He was the youngest of three in one of the few black prominent families in the area. Noel was aware of his social status at the age of nine because of his lessons given to him by his parents. His grandfather owned a wine processing plant where he was required to work after school. His childhood was in stark contrast of some of his friends. While he wore nice clothes and went to school, some of his friends worked in the cane fields. He was constantly warned by his parents to never play in the cane fields.
One day while playing in a cane field with his friends the owner came by. All the children ran in different directions. He and his friend Jon ran towards a wagon that held the sugar cane. When they got to the wagon, his friend told him to get in the wagon and he then covered Noel with the canes. A few moments later he could hear his friend scream in pain; this went on for what felt like hours. He waited for sometime after the screaming had stopped before he would allow himself to look out of his hiding place. When he saw that all was clear, he jumped out of the wagon and ran towards home. His fear and wonder of his friend helped his feet carry him faster than he has ever gone before.
Halfway to his home was an abandoned house and it was there he saw the body of his friend lying in the driveway. He felt his heart slide into his throat. He did and didn’t want to ...

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...uld stay apart when they played because it would be bad for her mother. She understood what Ruth meant and agreed.
Through the years she has been an advocate for human rights even as much as to walk in a Human Rights protest in Alabama. She stated that it was one of the scariest things she had ever done but was glad she had.

In a time when social conflict and ethnocentrism was a norm it is evident to see how rationalization of events and issues became prevalent in the society’s way of thinking and living. This project has rekindled my compassion for equality among us as a society to become proactive in the pursuit of the quality of life not only for our love ones but also for people everywhere. I know that expectations of this kind of change seem unlikely. But I strongly believe that it will prevail if it starts with self and then one person at a time.

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