Reflection Paper : The Social System

Reflection Paper : The Social System

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Reflection paper: The Social System
A system is when all parts of a whole work together as one, in order to be effective. Inside the school, the environment is a social system of its own. While reading the power point The Social System, I understood that the leaders are the ones that must lead the creation of an open, all-inclusive culture in which each individual feels as an integral part of the whole.
The parts of a Basic Social System as define by Hanson (1996), as cited in the presentation, are the input, teaching and learning, the environment, outputs, and the feedback. Each one interacts or creates the other one. The first part defines the input. As described during the presentation, the input consists of human, finance, materials, and any other resource used for the process of teaching and learning. When the resources in the input interact among themselves, they create the teaching and learning. Once again the input is by definition the interaction between and among those resources brought into the system to allow the learning process to take place.
Additionally, for the teaching and learning to take place, we must consider the environment: internal or external. Anything happening, that influences the relationship or interactions that the input could produce, is defined as environments. Examples of these ones are: politics, social issues, economic status, etc. We must take into consideration, as described by Daresh and Lynch (2010), that the external environment will influence the students, the faculty, the staff, and the leaders themselves. For example, in an election year, most of the classes could be referencing to the political system in order to create an atmosphere for the discussion of this to...

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...e same horizon: students’ academic success.
Leadership in a Social System and its effect on the school environment are the key for the cohesiveness of the whole. The leaders must create, nurture, and expand an open, inclusive culture that will allow the school social system to be successful. Despite the external environment barriers, the leaders should be political savvy, flexible, and possess readiness for changes needed to acquire the desire output. The leaders should set the pace and the goal for all students to be successful. Leaders should have a wide world-view in order to create the structure that will hold the school open social system in its place for the teaching and learning to be successful. Moreover, the entire social system of the country depends on the effectiveness of the school and its eventual outputs towards an open and effective society.

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