Reflection Paper On Winston Churchill 's ' My Time Here At English 180 '

Reflection Paper On Winston Churchill 's ' My Time Here At English 180 '

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Winston Churchill once stated “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” During my time here at English 180 I saw some improvement in my writing in terms of content. I feel as if I am more capable of writing an essay with better content than I was able to do back in High School. My essays have shown improvement because I did change my style of writing a bit and I added something different every time I wrote a paper. In English 180 we wrote several papers, but each one had a change to fit the certain criteria. Winston Churchill’s quote perfectly describes the purpose of the class English 180. Writing different pieces with a different format and branching out was key in the subjects of our writing assignments.
My first paper was a paper based on a memorable event that changed me. I had a little trouble choosing which event to write about because there was numerous events I could have chosen from. My classmates struggled as much as I did. I could have written about the time I moved to a new town or the time I went to Dallas, Texas for a Christian conference. In all honesty, not one event changed me instantly so I wrote about an event that influenced my life decisions the most. I wrote about an event that changed me in the long term, an event that was a catalyst for a chain reaction. I wrote about my little brother Jason being born. This paper required a sense of nostalgia and care when I was talking about how everything changed for the better. I had to go through a lot of introspection and memories to develop and essay about my brother. I am confident to say that I am able to write in more in-depth about a person now.
My second paper I had to write a reflection on the previous paper. This time I wrote about more ...

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...o check on my grammar/spelling while I personally went through the paper and revised. I am, fortunately, proud to say that even my grammar has gotten better.
All in all, I am actually very pleased that I took this course and fortunate enough that nothing happened without a purpose in this course. I honestly thought that this course was going to leave a bad taste in my mouth because I thought I hated writing. Instead, I learned that I love expressing my thoughts and writing about it is a great way of pursuing my desire. I did not in any way enjoy coming to class and doing work, but seeing the end result was actually satisfying. I might have not gotten an “A” in this course, but what I discovered by myself through this class was more valuable than a simple score. I believe all these papers I had to write about and the purpose of the course has fulfilled its purpose.

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