Reflection Paper On The Seminar

Reflection Paper On The Seminar

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Madison Appert
US Seminar
Fall 2015
Reflection Paper
Reflection Paper

Since I was younger I always enjoyed learning and being in class. It also became defining as part of my place in the family. My sister was the oldest and was also the first to try new adventures. My brother, who came next, was always social and tearing through town with his friends. I was the youngest, and always the most enthusiastic for school every morning. At least until high school. In high school I changed from a having very active involvement in my schooling into a passive one. I was able to attend class and have base level participation and still get good grades without having to go further. My school also had very few electives that held my interest. I enjoyed, and still do, being a participating member in my own education but I found it difficult when faced with classes I had no interest in, and environments I didn’t find stimulating. Though high school was also the time where I realized that education and learning, while synonyms, were not always the same. When I started to prepare for my journey at MSU I was hopeful that I would be able to once again become an active and interested participant in my education again. At MSU, with the help of US Seminar, I was able to merge my joy of learning back into my educational journey.
My academic identity has grown and evolved as I have. My academic identity at the time of my elementary school graduation was drastically different than my identity at my high school graduation. As I moved into higher levels of education my responsibilities grew and I had to make decisions between class types, work loads, and what type of student I wanted to be. In high school the teachers left it to each student to decide wh...

... middle of paper ... bright and new and exciting, classes can easily be somewhat side swiped. This class really helped me bring the reason I sought out a higher education back into focus. US Seminar is what education should always be and it really helped me feel confident in my future as a student, not only at MSU, but in life as I continue learning. I believe education and place, both mental and physical, are both two sides of a scale that can have great influence over one’s future. This US Seminar class has given me a very positive physical place to be and interact with, and it helped to create positive repercussions on my education. Also by learning not to be afraid to take my education into my own hands I was able to interact positively with the places around me, wither it be my new home of Bozeman and the people that reside in it, or my fellow classmates in my US Seminar class.

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