Reflection Paper On The Mosaic Living Faculty

Reflection Paper On The Mosaic Living Faculty

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It is always a pleasure to look back on my work throughout the semester and notice certain changes. There are things from interview four that I never did in interview one. This final interview seem to me my best one in my opinion. Focusing on my checklist, I gave my client tremendous feedback, dialogue, and summarizing her feelings. Through this interview I literally hit the ups and down of her emotions. I started with talking to my client about her positive transition into Mosaic living faculty. The feedback I got from her made me very excited to know that she had met two great people. One of which of the people was a great help to her. The lady at the place named Emily, helped cook, picked her clothes out, and was a good support to her. The young lady also, helped her finally get control over her life by getting her a bank account for her new job where all her funds go directly to her. For the first time my client could go out and buy the necessities she need or might want. That to me was a major strength just to hear my client talk about the change in her life and express her emotions in such a positive way. My client came into my office with mild depression at the beginning because she had no contact with people, no friends, and was abused/neglected. After a week, of living in Mosaic she experienced so much love and support and as a social worker it made me feel like I got the job done correctly. I opened her mind to be willing to open up and meet people and she did just that, and her result from it was worth every uncomfortable feeling she might had stepping outside her confront zone.
Moving forward to discuss the check list in depth, I believe that I did a great job with hitting the key topics of the paper. SOLER is always ...

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...on, I felt like the way I ended my last session was perfect and on key. I told her options moving forward. I summarized all the great things she had accomplished throughout her time with me. I finally closed it up with if she need anything to do not hesitate to call the office but she had successfully completing all her objectives and I wished her the best moving forward with her life.
Arears in which I need improvement I would defiantly say being focused on the emotions vocabulary word list. I feel as there are so many other emotional expressions I could use but I always draw back to the one that pops up into my head first.
Once this class is over, I would continue to use my skills when helping friends through tough times in their life. I would always use my knowledge base of resources to help students find the resources they need to accommodate their situation.

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