Reflection Paper On Teaching And Learning

Reflection Paper On Teaching And Learning

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Teacher content knowledge is significantly essential to the development of teaching and learning. How a teacher processes curriculum and their teaching style go hand and hand towards a student’s education. A teacher’s pedagogy and curriculum impacts and affects student achievement and the student’s education that they are teaching. I know that when I first started teaching my pedagogy was direct instruction. This paper provides a brief overview of my pedagogical content knowledge of math, describes my motivation to be a better instructor and ideas for whole school improvement.

The basis of my paper are reflections on my practice. I understand that teaching is a highly complex activity that draws on many kinds of knowledge. Teaching is a complex cognitive skill occurring in an ill-structure, dynamic environment. There are many knowledge systems that are fundamental to teaching, including knowledge of student thinking and learning, and knowledge of subject matter.

When thinking about PCK it is at the right angle intersection of content and pedagogy. A number of factors may influence the teaching of mathematics but teachers play an important role in the teaching and learning process. Mathematics has always been a subject that I enjoyed in school. My earliest memories are of my middle school math teacher. I remember for years I was a great math student. When entering 10th grade I meant with geometry and I was overwhelmed. My 10th grade math teacher was extremely supportive. She would not let me give up. I remember creating origami octahedrons and sketching linear and quadratic parent functions to this day.

She bought so much life to the subject and she helped me find the joy in math and teaching. Her enthusiasm...

... middle of paper ...

...en traveling from room to room. This problem for the first two months was making the teachers, staff and students very unhappy.

Working with my principal we added a new special for students called technology enrichment. This special will provide students with the opportunity to work with a classroom set of IPads and work online with new math RTI program. I had the information technology personal to download the app for the program. I sit and plan with the first year teachers that are providing the special to the students to make sure that they are meeting the needs of all of the students that they are encountering on a daily basis. Teachers also work with these teachers on lesson plans and differentiated instruction. Students that have been identified as Tier 3 will work with the technology enrichment teacher on different apps that will provide remediation.

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