Reflection Paper On Sleep Psychology

Reflection Paper On Sleep Psychology

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Prior to choosing Sleep Psychology as my topic for this course, I knew very little about the topic. I am currently enrolled in Psychology 101 and a small component of the course was learning about sleep psychology; however, after the two class meetings in which my Psychology class discussed sleep psychology, I was still interested in learning more about it. I decided on Sleep Psychology as my research topic for this class because I thought it was a very interesting and relevant topic with a lot of area to expand on my knowledge of the topic.
Going into this class, I only knew the fundamentals of electromagnetic waves present in the brain during the various stages of sleep and basic information about some of the most common sleep disorders. Through my research for the various presentations in this class I learned about the psychological implications of some of the more obscure topics related to sleep including sleep walking, nightmares, and lucid dreaming. I learned that sleep walking occurs when a person is partially awoken from deep sleep, which allows them to regain some degree of consciousness and motor function without cognitive functioning. Throughout my research I also learned about the psychological benefits of nightmares in reference to overcoming fears and processing real-world dangers. I was familiar with the concept of lucid dreaming and dream manipulation, but I had never looked into it to determine if it was a legitimate thing; however, after researching the topic for a presentation in this class, I learned that it is in fact possible to become conscious of yourself dreaming and manipulate aspects of the dream. Additionally, I learned how crucial sleep is to humans, because sleep plays a key role in memory, brain fu...

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...riting skills significantly over the span of this seven week course, but I not realize that I was too quick to judge in each situation. I have improved my presenting, research, and writing skills through this class and I intend to continue improving throughout the remainder of my educational and professional careers. In addition to improving many skills that are crucial to students, I have learned a lot from the other presentations given by my classmates. Prior to this class I had very minimal knowledge or interest in many aspects of Chinese culture and society, Economics, and Biomedical engineering; however, after learning about all of these unfamiliar topics over the last five presentations, I have a newly developed appreciation for many of the topics discussed by my peers and it is highly likely that I will consciously stay informed in these subjects in the future.

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