Reflection Paper On ' Right Now '

Reflection Paper On ' Right Now '

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Right now, as I am writing, cloudiness is setting in my brain, my shoulders are growing tense; I am using music and a running television to keep me sane. A long time ago, I discovered something about myself. The discovery happened when I had another paper to write. It was a five page paper. Just like this paper, I couldn’t start it; I did not know how to write that paper. I had a topic about writing that I was given or may be chosen, but my mind was blank. I felt the problem was more than procrastination; simply because of a heavy feeling that was set in my body. I was highly tense. I was also annoyed. My annoyance then turned into slight anger. My level of anger was increasing because of my thoughts of things that annoyed me about that paper. I was thinking about why I had to write the paper, why I had to write about that topic. I even wondered if the the professor is going to read the paper. Then suddenly I became full blown angry and I able to complete the paper.
Does anger cause people to write? Yes, but it something more than that. Anger is the small cause that can start a huge process. Right now, I am annoyed but it is helping me to write. It’s giving me something called inspiration. Every writer uses inspiration to write. It’s impossible to write without it. In the previous paragraph, I had to become angry to start writing a previous paper. The topic I had to write about enabled me to take an aggressive position. I remember the topic asking the writer (which was me) to give a cookie-cutter reason on why writing is a good thing or something along those line. I took a rebel position and wrote about why writing is the most annoying thing in the world and made comments about english teachers without name calling. I really do ...

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... Morrison overall goal was to affect and change the reader lives.
Inspiration is a big factor when it comes to storytelling. But, sometimes it can very difficult to get out. Earlier I stated that “Authors can pick out their inspiration, turn into a plot and export the plot how they want.” I wonder how many authors that is true for. My statement is in the same line of anyone being able to have dreams. Both have restrictions. I’m not a fan of complex writing. I am a fan of great storytelling. I think by researching, I figure that if you have a story to tell, you just have to go for it and just force your story through. I think that’s how Morrison did it; no one can share her life experiences out to the world but her. However, If you are not Morrison, Kincaid, Brooks and even Woods, consequences should be expected; Again, this a circular issue that is hard to explain.

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