Reflection Paper On Religion And Religion

Reflection Paper On Religion And Religion

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As a student at the University of Portland, who has now spent a semester living amidst the Catholic culture, I have started to think about religion fundamentally different than prior to this year. Theology class has been enlightening. In class, a new external lens of how one can view faith while learning to think critically in the search of truth has been presented. The inquisitiveness in me has led me to ask hard questions regarding myself, my perceptions, my misconceptions, and even some heartfelt convictions while contemplating my faith. I have experienced legitimate struggles. I acknowledge I have ignorant barriers keeping me from totally living a life with God and for God due to the confusion of exactly what that means. “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them” said, Galileo. I must admit this quote hits the problem dead on. Consider all the reliable evidence that surrounds Christianity that cannot be seen or proven scientifically which raises the question; does the Christian faith rest upon a reliable truth? I admit there are effects we all experience in life that we cannot see such as love, intuition, karma, hope, and fate, yet we believe in them. So, is sight foundational to belief in religion? Viewing ourselves today as sophisticated offspring’s of the Enlightenment, one could easily dismiss God and his Son Jesus as a first-century religious myth. One can also use the intellectual gifts given to them as a means towards finding acceptable answers to the complex two thousand year old story of who Jesus was; was he just a human man or was he divine? Did Jesus even exist at all?
Most atheists today say, “God himself is a delusion”. Freud said, “God is a projection of our inne...

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...f us.
Through the series of questions that have been brought to my attention in the course, I feel that my faith has grown stronger. My faith in Jesus has changed from believing that it could not have existed because there was no evidence, to understanding that just because I can not see something does not make it any less true. I want to live my life in a way that honors Jesus. Now understanding this other side of Jesus, I believe he was both human and divine; Jesus was inspirational. His teachings offer a way of looking deeper into your soul by stressing basic human dignity. At the heart of Jesus’s message there is his concept of “Good Works” entailing forgiveness, healing, empathy, and love. There is also Jesus’s Golden Rule saying, “whatever you want people to do to you, do to them.” (Luke 6:31) Imagine the humanity in the world if we all followed that one rule.

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