Reflection Paper On My School Experiences

Reflection Paper On My School Experiences

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Wilfrido Landaira
EDUC-500 Reflection Paper
For many people, their experiences during the years spent in school from PreK through their senior year of high school are incredibly formative. The environment that they spend time in, their interactions with other students and teachers, and the methods used to teach them all impact the student both in that moment and in the future. In this paper, I will talk about my school experiences during those years and reflect on how they may have impacted my life today.
As a whole, I think the latter half of my schooling made a bigger impact on me today than my PreK through 6th grade years did. This is when I met a few of the most influential teachers I ever had, and they should receive the credit for making me want to become a teacher. In high school I had a two teachers that had a huge impact on me, Mr. Panzer and Mrs. Palmer. Mr. Panzer taught history, the subject that I want to teach, and Mrs. Palmer was my art teacher for three years, and had a hand in a few of my extracurricular activities as well. Mr. Panzer’s teaching style wasn’t amazing on its own, He lectured off of an old overhead projector that he had named Gunther, and he talked the entire period. What made him stand out to me, and what made me love history and want to teach it, was the way he used to break up his lectures with stories about whatever topic was at hand, and his charismatic personality. Despite the fact that we were just lectured at for 45 minutes a day on global history, Mr. Panzer was able to hold our attention with these stories, his never ending source of knowledge, and his love for the subject. He was able to make the old, tired facts and figures we had learned about for years come to life and seem brand new. ...

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...ind that those are usually more beneficial to me, because it eliminates any awkwardness a group assignment might have, and it opens up the room for a larger discussion so you can hear about ideas that you might not have heard otherwise. I typically find that using small group assignments too often is detrimental to me because it is usually too time consuming, which leads to the rest of the lesson being rushed through.
I think that, as a whole, these experiences from my own schooling started to define who I would become as a person before I even thought about becoming a teacher. I am an avid reader, and whenever someone brings up something I did not know about previously I immediately begin to read up on it. I have always loved learning and knowing things, but I never put as much of an emphasis on it until I began to have teachers that showed me the importance of it.

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