Reflection Paper On Health Care

Reflection Paper On Health Care

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During this reflective assignment, it will explore what reflection is and how it relates to health care. There will be discussions on why reflection is used, its purpose, what it achieves and how health care professionals reflect in practice. A reflective model will be used to reflect on a critical incident in relation to consent, which has occurred during practice. The critical inci-dent will focus on communication, respect, and dignity. This reflective piece will also evaluate the positive and negative experience that has been gained from the critical incident and how it will help contribute to future learning. It will analyse what communication, respect, and digni-ty are and how this relates to the incident. The assignment will also include a reflective con-clusion that explores what better action could have been taken and what has been learned by the experience. Throughout the assignment, confidentiality will be maintained by not using the names of those concerned or disclosing the environment of where the critical incident oc-curred. This is in relation to the NMC (2015) code of professional standards, which states that ‘nurses and midwives must respect people 's right to privacy and confidentiality '.
What is reflection?
Reflection is defined as prose which allows nurses to look back and assess an experience that has taken place. It allows the individual to analyse thoughts and feelings which may have been generated from the critical incident, in order to improve self-awareness and to identify behaviour and actions that can affect a health care professional during practice. Boyd and Fales (1983) defined reflection as a process that involves evaluating problems that may have caused concern, that has been brought to the heal...

... middle of paper ... on a critical incident giving a good extensive description that provides key information, whilst recognizing the health care professionals own feelings and thoughts enable the health care professional to learn through reflection. Self -awareness is important during reflection as the health care professional needs to be aware of their own thoughts and feelings and how this may affect the critical incident. Critical analysis enables the individual to evaluate the critical incident in order to gain knowledge. Synthesis enables the health care professional to combine new skills and information with previous skills and information that has been gained. Evaluation is important when reflecting in order to learn from the critical incident. According to Mezirow (1998), the use of a reflective model is needed in order to combine the skills that are needed to reflect.

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