Reflection Paper on God’s Covenant Article

Reflection Paper on God’s Covenant Article

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In nearly a few days from now, the great flood that struck and killed so many lives will be one its one year anniversary. Where were you when the tragedy Ondoy had brought to the Greater Manila Area happened? It was so tragic that it gave me so much fear, and had left me wondering on why these things happened to us? Were you as afraid as I am then? Are you still filled with questions on why things such as this tragic flood happen if God is really watching over us? Have you ever wondered if you are partly to blame for what happened?

Yes it’s true that at first I had these questions in my mind, did God really break His promise by allowing this deadly flood to happen in the Philippines? Did He forsake us? Are we that bad that He allowed us to suffer with this kind of agony? But then again, I saw the reality at hand. I know for sure, that a loving God will not allow these devastating events to happen to us. A loving God is never a God who is vengeful or full wrath. This event was a man-made disaster, brought about by people’s lack of responsibility and lack of love for Mother Nature.

If we cared enough to protect the only Earth God has given us, maybe we could have avoided this thing to happen. If we were responsible enough to at least throw our garbage properly, then maybe we could have avoided this deadly flood. If we were smart enough not to cut down the trees on the mountain area, then maybe this flood could have been managed. Unfortunately, we became careless and irresponsible being that’s why the only planet God has made for us is now on the brink of irreparable damage. God created us to be His creation’s protector and steward, yet we are not doing the things we are entrusted to do. That’s why with what happened last S...

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...s is the best thing to do. Because as the Great Book says, what we do to the least of our brothers is what we do for God. So let us love our brothers with a cheerful heart and surely we are serving God with all our heart also.

Finally, I strongly agree that in the eyes of our Lord God we are indeed equal. He never looks through our appearance or our wealth. He only sees us through our heart. And with God we are all in the same degree of importance. Therefore, if the Almighty Father sees us equally, we should take it upon ourselves to be humble enough to be fair to one another also. If God isn’t counting the number of car keys we have before He loves us, we should also be kind enough to treat everyone as how God treated us. And surely, I know that if we will all do these things, we will earn a spot in heaven and enjoy all the “heavenly bliss” as it is promised.

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