Reflection Paper On Gender Harassment

Reflection Paper On Gender Harassment

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I will be commenting on gender harassment that I have read in my case studies but how would I handle the same situation in my own department would I use the same methods or would I use a different approach. My department is quite small we are composite with a compliment of 16 career 3 casual and with a fluctuating number of volunteers which is about 10 presently. Over the years we have had a number female come through our doors one was part of our casual firefighters which we lost in a tragic traffic car accident and quite a few came and went over the years and as we speak we have two in our volunteer ranks. And I consider ourselves lucky that to my knowledge I don’t recall us having any gender harassment happen in our department. And yet maybe we did run into issues but was dealt with swiftly and discretely as I did in my first assignment therefore no one would have heard of what happened.

I would use methods I have leant through this course like listening skills and meet the both individuals one on one to see if there were any underlying problems like personal issues at home an...

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