Reflection Paper On Cultural Diversity

Reflection Paper On Cultural Diversity

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Reflection Paper #5
The first topic is Cultural Diversity
We need to be aware of the diversity in the classroom. Cultural diversity includes: bi-racial, adoptive, immigrant, gay, and step-families. It is a large majority of the students today even in my generation. Focusing on making a balanced curriculum that exposes the students to all of these different backgrounds is very important. I know that it is likely that a teacher will not be able to cater to every student, but it is important to involve each of them. There is a large percentage of students that have dropped out due to the lack of having a connection with the curriculum. It is frustrating that we are lacking progress in our schools to help these children connect when studies show that each cultural group will soon be equal in numbers. We need to form a better curriculum to suit these diverse backgrounds.

In the future I could teach a graphic design or art class and have each week be themed around a culture or type of family. In one week I know that I could change the students’ perceptions of what they knew about that culture or type of family. The goal would be to have the students create a work of art that shows what stood out to them and accurately represents what makes up that group of people. It would be important to have the students immerse themselves in the subject matter as much as possible to create a unique and abstract work of art.

The second topic is Stereotyping
It is important to focus on avoiding stereotypes we have subliminally learned. No two kids are alike and we need to avoid grouping them based on their biological, mental, cultural, and personality traits. When we stereotype and group them we limit them on what they learn and the...

... middle of paper ...

...r definitions were Bicultural and Multiculturalism. I definitely understand more clearly the difference between the two and how our teachers can impact all students by changing the conversation in the classroom or giving bilingual students extra help to succeed.

Overall Reaction
I believe that is very important for students to learn at a young age about different types of people whether that means different cultures, families, language or gender. It is pleasing to know that some schools have implemented related programs and are helping these specific groups of students and are giving everyone an equal opportunity to learn and succeed. After learning many statistics about students and schools I feel that our nation needs to focus on improving the curriculum being taught and implementing helpful programs so that the statistics start moving in the right direction.

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