Reflection Paper On Business And Society

Reflection Paper On Business And Society

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Jonathan Sharma
26th June 2015
Professor Sheldon
Business and Society
Reflection Paper
This summer’s course in ‘Business and Society’ was a great opportunity for me to learn more about myself, my perspective of business, the role of government in society, policy makers and most importantly the views of the stakeholders. For the spring semester gone and this summer session almost all classes were tied into my major, giving me a better understanding on what I want out of my degree. My major here at Marymount Manhattan College is Finance and this class has surely helped me in figuring out, the workings of ‘big business’ and its impact on stakeholders. This course has helped me understand why many laws, at one point to me sounded absurd, but are in place to protect both industry and stakeholder. I never thought communication was such a priority in the business world until taking this class. From newly learnt material I see communication as a way in dealing with the corporate world, as well as coping with different economies and cultures overseas.
To start off here I must talk about...

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