Reflection Paper On Angels And Demons

Reflection Paper On Angels And Demons

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In this reflection paper I will talk about the subject of Angels and Demons. I became a Christian at an early age and angels and demons were not spoken on in my house. So I didn’t learn about them until I became an adult and even then I did not know what I know now about them. Since I have attended class here at Liberty University I can say that I have more knowledge of what Christianity really means. And I also can say that Angels and Demons do exists and that they have been around since the beginning of time. (words 113)
Theological Definition of Angels
The doctrine of angels is called “Angelology” which is one of the ten major categories of theology and angels are a part of those ten studies. Scholars have many views about angels and some even ignore the subject all together but they are clearly documented in the Bible (Etzel, 2014). Angels are called spiritual beings created by God to serve him, they were created to be higher than mankind. Angels are obedient to do the will of God and he created them to be a liaison with the world and act in his name, he chose angels since they do not have the same notions as humans there here to serve as a bridge between God and man. Angels are “ministering spirits” (Hebrews 1:14, KJV). (words 125)
Biblical Definition of Angels
In the bible “Angels” are mentioned about three hundred times in the scriptures and are clearly not mentioned in the five books which are Esther, Ruth, Nehemiah, the letters of John, and James. The Bible tells us that “Angels” purpose is to do only the will of God. Angels are known as messengers of God they continue to perform their ministering duties before humans. When Jesus returns his Angels will be right by his side. “For the Son of man shall come i...

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...ractical Application of Demons
Demons do exist and are walking the earth trying to destroy Gods children. And as followers of Jesus Christ we have to keep in mind that Satan is here and his man purpose is to capture the weak. “Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil” (Ephesians 6: 10-8, KJV). As children of God we know that Satan does exist. According to Etzel, Satan will not stop trying to attack the believers of God so that he can make a statement that to God his believers are not worthy of his grace (2015) (206). (words 106)
Whether we believe are not Angels and Demons are spoken of in the Bible and the still exist in this world today. Demons purpose on earth is to capture Gods children, and Angels our here to protect and fight the devil so that when Jesus returns we will all be together. (words 51)

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