Essay on Reflection On The Biological Approach

Essay on Reflection On The Biological Approach

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Reflection on the Biological Approach

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind, its processes, and functions, particularly how these effect behaviors. Psychologists’ goal is to describe, explain, predict, and control. Psychologists base their studies on different approaches, the cognitive approach, biological approach, humanistic approach, evolutionary approach, bio-psychosocial, psychoanalytical approach, and sociocultural approach. The biological approach is examines how an organisms biology, such as genes, hormones, and nervous system effect its behavior such as motivations, emotional responses, and personality.
The University of Colorado recently published a study that explains how an aspect of human biology connects to stress. The study explains that when the stressor is determined controllable by the frontal cortex the “behavioral squelae of uncontrollable stress are blocked”. This is a perfect example of how biology affects behavior, the biology of the brain determines the controllability of stress which then effects the emotional response to the stressor. Another classic example of biology affecting behavior is the fight or flight response process. The ‘fight or flight response’ is a behavioral response to danger that is biologically instilled in the human mind. There is a specific mental process that determines whether to fight the impending danger or run from the impending danger. The senses pick up the impending danger and send the information to the amygdala, which assists in emotional responses and processing. The amygdala interprets the visual and auditory information and once danger is identified it signals the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus then activates the parasympathetic nervous system though signals...

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... pessimism is the number of active glucocorticoid receptors in the brain, which indicate a person’s ability to cope with stress. There have been no specific genes that indicate whether a person will be pessimistic or optimistic, but some research has been done that indicates the level of attention and affection received from your mother at as a child can influence the development of genes related to personality. Overall the biological approach would explain my negative attitude through brain process and function relating to the right frontal cortex and the glucocorticoid receptors. The biological approach does not account for my past experiences or my current environment which both may influence my present thought processes. I still am questioning if childhood experiences have lead towards a negative outlook or if pessimism is simply a pattern of negative thinking.

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