Reflection On Teaching As A Teacher Essay

Reflection On Teaching As A Teacher Essay

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1) It is important to reflect on your teaching because as a teacher you need to see if the lesson was effective.
a) When you teach any lesson you should reflect to see if your students understood the concepts you were trying to teach. If your students were confused for the majority of the lesson or disengaged, then your lesson needs to be reevaluated. Reflection on teaching is helpful in future lessons because it allows you to see what ways your students learn best. If you tried teaching with a video, but the students did not remember the content then you know for next time that you should make the video shorter, or not use a video for this group of students. Adversely, if your students remembered everything after playing an interactive game, then you should try to incorporate that into more lessons. It is important to make judgments about your instruction so that you can become a better teacher. If you become complacent with how you deliver information and how you teach your students, then your students will become complacent as well. As a teacher you need to constantly be evaluating yourself so that each day and each lesson you become a little bit better. If your students do not learn by lecture, but you keep lecturing, you are only hurting your students. If you want your students to get the most out of each lesson, and learn the content, then you must evaluate how your lessons are perceived and understood by your students.
2) It is important to keep accurate records because they can help to keep track of student’s progress.
a) One way to see how far your students have progressed throughout the year is to look back and see records of how they performed on certain tasks throughout the year. Teachers need to keep tra...

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... at all times than any other profession, and I will make sure to uphold these ideals when I join the profession.
7) I chose K-State for a variety of reasons.
a) One reason I chose K-State is because I received an academic scholarship. Another reason I chose K-State is because I have grown up watching K-State athletics. K-State feels like home to me. Another factor that contributed to me coming to K-State is that my sister attended K-State and so did both of my grandparents. Another reason I decided to attend K-State is because I knew it was one of the best education programs in the state. Many of my high school teachers, especially the ones I liked attended Kansas State. However, the final reason I decided to attend K-State is because it is close to home. I love my family and this is the only place that I could find that felt like it could be my home away from home.

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