Reflection on Personal Goal for School Essay

Reflection on Personal Goal for School Essay

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For this semester, I have set three goals that I will be working towards to make improvements on. The first goal I set is to start an assignment the day that it is assigned so that I do not procrastinate. The second goal I have set for this semester is to be more organized with my materials. The last goal for this semester is to relieve my stress in a positive way. By working on these goals during the next couple of weeks, it will make my life a little less stressful.
The first goal I need to work on is doing assignments ahead of time. I always wait until the last minute to do assignments and then everything gets piled up. When I have a lot of things that I need to do in one day I get very stressed and nothing good comes from this. If I were to start an assignment the day it is assigned I would be ahead of schedule and not have multiple assignments due at once. If I start doing assignments when they are assigned it will help me with time management and figuring out when I can do my assignments. This will help me in my future because I cannot wait until the last minute to write a les...

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