Essay on Reflection on My Ability as a Teacher of Special Needs Children

Essay on Reflection on My Ability as a Teacher of Special Needs Children

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Final Reflection
As I ponder over my personal professional development experiences as an educator the realization of how one has developed over time is personally satisfying. Educating children especially children with special needs is a challenge within its self. As a teacher it is important that this writer makes a positive influence with students. There are going to be certain ideas that one tries to uphold and other discriminations that one will not allow. Everyone has their own beliefs teachers should do what is necessary not to infringe on others, but show children different way to think so that they have all the information needed to make educated choices. Children are open-minded they have not yet had to deal with or understand the injustices that they will encounter. If children are taught from an early age they will have the ability to succeed especially children with special needs as an educator my main goal is teaching the purpose of public schools, and education reform. It is my purpose to influence children and be positive influence.
Over the last eight weeks this writer has learned a monument amount of knowledge in a short period of time. Each module and activity clearly defined each objective covered in the readings. Reflection plays a huge part in increasing one's self awareness, after having reflected on the course assignments writer is prepared to use the knowledge that they have attained. Having taken this course one feel comfortable utilizes the materials in the professional world successfully. Before taking this course many things about the laws and right guaranteed to students with disabilities were unclear. Knowledge is power and knowing has opened this writer up to understanding how a special educator a...

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...s not eligible for special education services.
Writing this final essay for this course one is able to reflection on the knowledge one has gained since the beginning of the course. This course has been affective and the benefits are using the information immediately to correct mistakes and grow in the profession. After interviewing attorneys and director’s special in the education program the reality of how important following the regulations are important and must be followed. As a special educator one is more prepared and ready to provide a first rate education. Everyone who works with special needs students should be prepared and understand the law taking a class in Law and Litigation is recommended.

Mauro, T. (2004). Idividuals with Disabilities Education Act. Retrieved from

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