Reflection On Current Culture Paper

Reflection On Current Culture Paper

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Reflection to Current Culture Paper
For my culture paper I decided to write about a film, the film is called “Aqui Entre Nos” (Between Us). Throughout the paper I will discuss how the concepts of family and communication are portrayed in the film.
“Aqui Entre Nos” is Mexican comedy yet it also a movie that makes you reflect on life. In the film we are introduced to the Guerra family. The head provider of the family and father of three Rodolfo Guerra, his stay at home wife Miriam Guerra and their three daughter Sofia the oldest , Victoria the middle child and Ana Paula the youngest one. It all start when Rodolfo decided to not go to work one after being fed up with feeling unappreciated by his family. In addition he always has Miriam is his ear complaining about when he will get a raise, fixing the leaks in the house, and about needing individual beds because since he is of heavy weight he has sunk the mattress. It is through that day that he realizes that has become a stranger to his family. He stays home and has a relaxed evening but, he comes to notices many things. Like Miriam not picking up Ana Paula after school, when Rodolfo asks Miriam why she doesn’t pick up Ana Paula from school she says she goes out with friend because he never takes her out. He also noticed that his older daughter Sofia is dating a man that is way older than her. When Rodolfo confronts Sofia about the older guy, she admits that she is dating him. Rodolfo answers that she is not to see this guy until she has brought him home and introduced him. The following day they have a family gathering in which Rodolfo does his best at getting Sofia’s boyfriend drunk so that he can basically make an ass of himself and Rodolfo succeeds. Then there is Victoria who ...

... middle of paper ...

...a’s fiancée) needs to talk to in her father. As well they project their morals and values on to Victoria, as they are not acceptable to her public display of affection or her getting home so late.
In conclusion I believe that the movie covers many subjects that we have covered in class, marriage, divorce, affairs, communication and the list goes on. I am very surprised of how learning about these subjects helped me view the movie. Originally I had seen it previous to the class but once I learned about the assignment I knew it would be a great film with lots of topics related to class. I watched for a second time after we learned in class about some of the topics and definitely saw the different issues and how the couple was handling their issues the wrong way. It is a sad movie yet with a happy ending, helps to reflect on life and learn from the mistakes of others.

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