Reflection of “The Pastor as Counselor by Willimon Essay

Reflection of “The Pastor as Counselor by Willimon Essay

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This week has been yet another rather interesting one. Given my track record, it appears “interesting” has become the norm for me. There were some compelling points addressed by Willimon in his assessment of the “The Pastor as Counselor.” I was moved by one particular statement in regards to the professional loneliness often felt by the pastor, or preacher in my case. It indicated it was a “painful irony…that the minister…finds himself on the periphery, often pleading in vain for admission.”(Page 161) This statement echoed in my mind, because I often find myself succumbing to the clinches of loneliness. Feeling as if my ministerial journey is a very lonely one; one in which few could understand. But then I am reminded of the bigger picture and realize that I am on a mission, which has been prescribed by God. The loneliness I feel parallels the loneliness Willimon refers to. The feeling as if I am on the side lines anxiously waiting for someone to call me in. I always seem to be on the cusp of where the action is, but never quite being able to participate in it. But as I mentioned earlier, this is just a short lived reflection and it soon passes. I know; however, that it’s still there, lying dormant waiting to resurface at any given moment. How does this relate to my ministry? Well, in many different facets. I am doing my practicum at one church, but I am still amenable to my home church. We had our last Quarterly Conference for the Conference year and it has been almost two months since I had the opportunity to actually see most of the members who were present. I found myself being overwhelmed and accosted with words of “It’s so good to see you.” “I have been missing you!” and other such statements of kind regard....

... middle of paper ... woman stopped me, as I thought I was finally able to catch my breath, and she said “We need young people.” Then it dawned on me, I am the preacher. I am the one to whom others look to find peace, comfort, and solace while going through their current situation. I am the one pointing “out the details to those who come to” (page 185) me. . As I reflect on Willimon’s role of preacher this ordeal enabled me to truly reflect on this role. Again, Willimon’s assertion for the proclamation of a “new life” comes to mind. We have to be engaged in “creative service and rich fellowship.” (Page 181) This is paramount if the church wishes to continue to thrive in an ever growing and ever changing world. I am committed to helping the church reach that plateau and transform their way of being into a new way of living. (Just to note, the pastor was released and is doing well)

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