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The Reflection Of The Deaf Community Essay examples

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There are five senses that contribute to the human experience: sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing. For people who have all five of these senses intact, it can be difficult to imagine life without one. Yet, millions of people across the world live with some degree of hearing loss. Whether it is congenital or acquired, this loss becomes their way of life and it is all they know. In fact, a current debate in the deaf community is whether this deprivation is a hindrance or a blessing. The medical community continues to pave new paths with technology to restore hearing, but many deaf people choose not to undergo these surgeries and operations because it has become a part of their culture. Because of this, hearing people will never truly understand what it is like to be deaf in the truest sense but with the use of earplugs, one could get insight into what it is like to have a hearing loss.
I spent four hours of my Friday afternoon wearing earplugs to stimulate a mild hearing loss and I do not think I expected half of what my experiences were. I decided to put my plugs in shortly after noon as I started to get ready for my day. I had planned to go to lunch with friends, then grocery shopping and hanging out with my roommate in our apartment. I went through my daily routine without the music I normally play, which was frustrating because music is such a huge part of most people’s lives and I never really thought about the fact that some people have to live entirely without it. After I showered and got ready, my friend Keoni came to pick me up to go to lunch. Unfortunately he ended up waiting outside my apartment for about seven minutes before I realized he had texted me to tell me he was here. We went to City Café in Northport and I...

... middle of paper ... the way my voice sounded or me being cautious about being too loud that led to this communication problem. The only technical plus side I found was that trying to study without hearing all the distracting noises was much easier. I got through my readings almost twice as fast as I normally do, so I might just have to keep using them to get school work done.
Having a pseudo-hearing loss was not what I expected it to be in many ways, but I was glad for the opportunity to get a taste of what it might be like to live with this kind of loss permanently. I used to think that losing the ability to see would be the most detrimental of sensory losses, but not being able to hear the rest of the world made me feel extremely disconnected. I definitely have a newfound respect for the deaf and I can see how this shared lifestyle could bring a group of people so close together.

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