Reflection Of The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button Essay

Reflection Of The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button Essay

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Reflection of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is an interesting fictional film which was adapt from a novel written by Fitzgerald. The film tells that a man whose name is Benjamin was an old man when he was born, with time flying, he became younger and younger. Finally, in the end he died as a baby. I read the book which was written by Fitzgerald before watching this film. After watching this film, I comprehended many philosophies of life and I have some opinions about the differences between the novel and the film.
First of all, I was touched by the following statement “ You can be mad as a mad dog at the way things went. You can swear, curse the fates, regret everything you ever did but when it comes to the end. You have to let it go”. Actually, I was in a gloomy mood before I watched this film, something really grieved happened and I was lost and confused. I cursed the fate and blame everyone and everything include myself. Nevertheless, the word “let it go” helped me lay my burdens down and I understood that something I had to accept truth which had happened and let it go. So be it. Never blame at something that had happened, just learn a lesson and concentrate on the future.
Another word “We 're meant to lose the people we love. How else would we know how important they are to us?” also touched me a lot. It’s hard for me to understand the significance of something or someone before I lose it. I thought I can meet all my friends and my families whenever I want. However, some of my friends and families left while some of them left forever. After losing them, they became a memory in my mind and I understood I loved them so much and the...

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...illed up”, in the film, death was spoken of frequently but calm.
I have to pointed out that Fitzgerald was really a great writer who was famous for writing “Great Gatsby”. However, in the novel, there is a a blemish confused me. When Benjamin was born, he was not only had senile diseases and looked like an old man but also had a figure of old man. He was so tall that he could not born from his mother. This blemish was corrected in the film, so that this is one of the most fantastic and perfect film. Although I am fond of Fitzgerald a lot, I have to admit that the film is much more brilliant than the original work.
Anyway, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a significant film for me which taught me a lot and helped me with my mood, I saw many things open and felt better than before. It is lucky for me to watch such a philosophical film when I was lost and grieved.

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