The Reflection of Religious Beliefs in American Politics Essay

The Reflection of Religious Beliefs in American Politics Essay

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The Reflection of Religious Beliefs in American Politics

As many people already know, politicis and religion some times go hand in hand. Recently, president Obama delivered his Inauguration Speech to the world. There were several remarks mentioned that pertained to religion. Many of the remarks can easily tie in with the American culture core values, which include, Americans are among a chosen people, manifest destiny, morality yields prosperity, and the protestant ethic.

A Chosen People
Chosen People is basically when certain people are pre destined to do certain things, they are among the select. In the Inauguration speech, Obama states various examples of this. One example being, that this nation was set so that everyone were equal, free, and had the ability to pursure his/her own happiness. This nation was also founded and set on the Christianity beliefs and morals. One of the Christian morals that have been instoned in this nation is courage. We are also, as Obama stated, "the guardians of liberty". This nation has been selected to find a meaning in something greater...

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