Reflection Of Reflection On Nursing Essay

Reflection Of Reflection On Nursing Essay

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A study conducted by academics found that undergraduate nurses feel reflection is the key to changing and improving their practice. (Bulman, Lathlean, & Gobbi, 2011). Reflection assists nurses to enhance their nursing abilities by encouraging them to reflect on negative experiences, in order to overcome similar experiences in the future. This essay will aim to demonstrate the importance of reflection within nursing, additionally providing me with a platform to reflect on my decision to become a nurse. I will begin by reflecting upon the factors that influenced me to choose nursing, followed by an explanation of the benefits that reflection has on nursing. The essay will conclude by summarising how I will put reflection in practice throughout my future career.

Numerous factors and attributes have led to my decision to embark on a career in nursing. The beauty of nursing is it allows me to travel whilst still working in the health care environment. As well as exploring different cultures, I could provide care to individuals of countries where health care is not accessible. Nursing will allow me to explore the world whilst fulfilling a rewarding career. Additionally, friends and family have always encouraged I study nursing. Throughout my life, people have commented on my caring nature and suggest nursing would be a perfect career for me. I agreed, as I enjoy caring for others whether they are a friend or a stranger. Therefore, nursing for individuals would bring joy to me. A final factor that influenced my decision is the understanding I will gain of the anatomy and physiology of the human body. The function of the human body has always interested me, as human life depends on it. Nursing allows me to enlighten people of the wond...

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...w knowledge” (p. 341). In the future, a common practice I will undertake is administering drugs through an IV. If I accidently did not administer all the drug when partaking in a IV, I would reflect on the mistake and as a result acquire the patient receives all of the drug next time I undertake a IV. It is evident that reflection will assist my future profession as a registered nurse.

This essay has highlighted the factors that have been instrumental in my decision to pursue nursing, identified the value of reflective practice within the health care industry and clearly shown how I will put reflection into practice within my future career. By practicing reflection throughout work placements, I will improve my ability to apply reflective practice to nursing. Reflective practice will provide me with the skills to become a success within the nursing industry.

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