Reflection Of My Volunteering Experience Essay

Reflection Of My Volunteering Experience Essay

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A reflection of my volunteering experience can be summarized in two words: Life-changing. It is hard to explain the feelings that occur when you involve yourself in selfless acts for your community, such as volunteering. There is a feeling in your heart that you cannot ignore, maybe it is the happiness you feel or the overflow of emotions in helping others. In other words, it is a feeling in which you want to share with others. Maybe with a friend, maybe a classmate, maybe a family member, or maybe even a stranger. Either way, spreading how life-changing volunteering can be is a great start to making a positive change in your community by simply by involving others.
I think that there are a lot of people out there who have anxiety/worry regarding volunteering, I think that they would like to put themselves out there and get involved, but there is always that worry about whether or not you’ll be able to make a difference or if you’ll just simply get in the way. At least that is what a few of my close friends tell me and that was some-what my thinking about volunteering. It was hard for me to get involved, I didn’t know where to start or who to contact. At first, I contacted a horse ranch that worked with kids with disabilities, later to find they had closed down a year or so ago. That was a little discouraging, but I tried again when an opportunity involving aiding children at elementary schools, simply reading to them or helping with programs… That didn’t work out either because of my work schedule and the times that they needed me. At that point, I thought I might have to give up. But, I didn’t. I needed this volunteer experience, I knew it would change me.
Of course I was scared about the entire process and also a little disco...

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... by doing so. It was a win-win! If I had the opportunity, I would definitely take a class similar to this one. I will be transferring to the University of Kentucky and I am hoping that they will have some clubs/organizations that specialize in volunteering so that I can continue to help with the community. You will encounter some rough patches while volunteering, but that should never discourage you from continuing on. I know that at first while volunteering at MCHS, it was pretty strenuous. I hadn’t worked with any other animals other than my own and I had never volunteered at an animal shelter before, but everything ended up working out. I learned so much more about working with animals, gained people skills while working with other volunteers/adopters, and became more aware of my community’s needs. I will continue to volunteer and encourage others to do the same.

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