Essay on Reflection Of My Self Ego

Essay on Reflection Of My Self Ego

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spontaneous choices with little thought put into them. This was due to the environment I lived and the development that was happening in the prefrontal cortex of my brain. Studies show that the development in this part of the brain during adolescents is a crucial time (Blakemore, 2012). It is typical for adolescents to have egocentric thoughts and perspectives, often causing bad decisions or accelerated learning capabilities.
As my self-ego continued to change, I began to care more about what my peers thought of me, I began to question if my clothes were good enough.. As my self-ego began to develop, through social interactions with my family and friends, I learned what was socially acceptable.. I would compare what my friends thought and done to how I seen myself. I no longer allow what others think of me affect my self-esteem. I have learned to set personal goals for myself that help to provide self-esteem when they are accomplished..
During adolescents people are often making decisions that can impact the rest of their lives. If there is not a stable and responsible parent there to be a role model it is easy for them to go down the wrong path. I grew up in a home with both of my parents until I was the age of twelve. Both of my parents had an authoritarian parenting style. When a parent has high demands and low responsiveness they are considered to be authoritarian (Berger, 2016). It was always made very clear to me that I needed to make good grades in school, however I cannot remember one time that either of my parents helped me with homework. I often struggled with the fear of not being good enough during most of my Operation stage of cognitive development. At this time my attachment style towards my parents was avoidant. Wh...

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...r me to reason with.
My family and life structure would be considered a nuclear one. According to Berger (2016), a nuclear family is one that consists of both parents raising a child under 18 years old. My husband and I are legally married and function as a team while raising our daughter and providing for our household. We both depend on each other a lot. We both work full time day jobs, so we alternate pick up and drop off of our daughter for childcare. We both have other interests and commitments that neither of us could do without the help of the other. I attempt to have structure in our household, and keep everyone and everything organized, but it isn’t always easy. We are definitely dysfunctional. The day to day things get done religiously, but everything else gets done eventually. I have to play everything ahead for it to have any functionality or structure.

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